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File info:

Title: Papa's Pizzaria
Description: Roy has to help run the pizzeria while Papa Louie is away. Help him take orders, bake the pizzas, cut them as according to the order and present the completed pizzas to the hungry customers. As you complete the orders, you'll earn tips and raise your ranking and also gain brand new customers. Papa Lousie and the customers are counting on you so do try your best.
Played: 203,837
Added: 10 September 2009
Added by:
Rate: 4.67 4.67 4.67 4.67 4.67
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Garra_mutz (25 August 2011)
kerihilson12345 (22 August 2011)
dlee200 (18 August 2011)
you are hot
taytay72 (11 August 2011)
Maya912 (3 August 2011)
dis game is ok
hackett (3 August 2011)
this game takes a long time to load....
animelover (9 July 2011)
the character is really cute
skyesister (9 July 2011)
how do u play
stewart_b (29 June 2011)
rank 11
chania (23 June 2011)
dont now yet
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