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File info:

Title: Meat Grilling Game
Description: Your hungry little child is craving for some grilled meat for lunch today. Start making them now, otherwise she will kick up a fuss and start to cry. However, points will be deducted if you undercook or overcook the meat, it has to be a nice golden brown . You are only given 180 seconds to grill the meat perfectly.
Played: 38,775
Added: 4 March 2009
Added by:
Rate: 3.09 3.09 3.09 3.09 3.09
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Pumpkin2000 (29 July 2011)
markeyana (16 May 2011)
I like this game jking
zakiya12 (5 May 2011)
wats up
Jadawada (28 March 2011)
hey akito
dragontech31 (26 January 2011)
stupid game cant even read the laugage
denashia (21 January 2011)
*** this game it *** dick
jada45 (18 December 2010)
this game is very fun
Markianna (23 November 2010)
I Burnt All the Food !!! lol
shelly (26 October 2010)
tooooo hard
sunshine33 (5 September 2010)
it is hard to read
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