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Cake & Dessert Games

Maggie's Bakery
Maggie's Bakery
All you need to do is to follow the instructions (look out for the Red Arrow)...
(Played: 71,922)
Holly Hobbie: The Hey Girls Muffin Maker
Holly Hobbie: The Hey Girls Muffin Maker
Feeling bored in the hot afternoon after school? Why don't you gather you be...
(Played: 77,488)
How To Make Victoria Sandwich
How To Make Victoria Sandwich
Firstly, use the spoon on the top left to scope butter out for the bowl and a...
(Played: 67,276)

Burger & Sandwich Games

Patty Panic
Patty Panic
Spongebob's dream of making the world's largest patties has become a nightmar...
(Played: 90,579)
625 Sandwich Stacker
625 Sandwich Stacker
All you need to do is to catch tasty items and stack them up to build your s...
(Played: 136,722)
Zombie Burger
Zombie Burger
You are not really a typical burger chef- all of your customers dwell in the ...
(Played: 53,684)

Ice Cream Games

Desert Haven
Desert Haven
Arrange ice cream cakes, puddings, cookies, fruits and drinks and display the...
(Played: 30,659)
How To Make Fried Ice Cream
How To Make Fried Ice Cream
Sounds very interesting isn't it. Wonder how it taste. Have fun preparing it.
(Played: 63,161)
Tiny Tinas Ice Bream Sundae Rush!
Tiny Tinas Ice Bream Sundae Rush!
You'll be given an empty ice cream dish. Soon, orders wil begin coming in. ...
(Played: 49,486)

Pizza Games

Papaz Pizza
Papaz Pizza
You played a rather important role - the sole breadwinner of your family. Do ...
(Played: 48,146)
Papa's Pizzaria
Papa's Pizzaria
Roy has to help run the pizzeria while Papa Louie is away. Help him take orde...
(Played: 201,033)
Pizza Mania
Pizza Mania
Soon customers will be flooding your store, try not to make them wait for too...
(Played: 48,463)

BBQ Games

Hot Juicy Steak
Hot Juicy Steak
BBQ yourself some delicious looking steaks. Be careful not to over-cook them.
(Played: 27,883)
Have the right timing to make it through as many ingredients as possible to s...
(Played: 22,265)
Hot BBQ Party
Hot BBQ Party
The sun's out and your grills sizzling. Keep them happy while having fun serv...
(Played: 39,085)

Cooking & Food Games

Dirty Dishes
Dirty Dishes
The sink is full of unwashed dishes. Give mom a pleasant surprise by being ex...
(Played: 20,540)
The Great Cookie Drop!
The Great Cookie Drop!
Your mission is to get as many cookies into your mouth within a given time. K...
(Played: 6,455)
Cookie Feast
Cookie Feast
Collect cookies and avoid the baddies.
(Played: 11,196)

Restaurant & Food Serving Games

Soup Shop
Soup Shop
You are the owner of a famous soup shop somewhere in town where you will be a...
(Played: 29,115)
Sim Lemonade Millionaire
Sim Lemonade Millionaire
In this game you have to manage your Lemonade stand doing practically everyth...
(Played: 18,494)
Electronic Vittles
Electronic Vittles
Advance technologies have not only changed our lives but also the robots. As ...
(Played: 8,388)

Dress Up Games

The Toy Soldier Story
The Toy Soldier Story
Is she really in love with a toy soldier? Maybe it only exists in fairy-tales...
(Played: 20,653)
One Piece Dress Up
One Piece Dress Up
Lazy to mix and match? Maybe you should put on a dress that could compliment ...
(Played: 31,368)
Fun Shopping Moments
Fun Shopping Moments
This young lady is going shopping with her trendy best friend to get some win...
(Played: 32,540)

Makeover & Makeup Games

Dreadlock Makeover
Dreadlock Makeover
Try it out if you are a fan of dreadlocks. It takes some time to do this setu...
(Played: 8,311)
Elusive Magen
Elusive Magen
Give her a nice set of clothes and a good makeup to soften her icy appearance...
(Played: 12,472)
Magical  Make Up Moments
Magical Make Up Moments
A good make over and a nice hair style can actually transform a plain looking...
(Played: 9,074)

Doll Games

Ballroom Doll
Ballroom Doll
She enjoys dancing with her prince charming all day long. Dress this ballerin...
(Played: 12,637)
Leo Doll
Leo Doll
She is very much a materialistic and ambitious young lady and wants to live l...
(Played: 9,036)
Water Fairy
Water Fairy
She lives by the river and is often spoted wearing long flowing or colorful d...
(Played: 10,126)

Decor Games

Refreshing Room Makeover
Refreshing Room Makeover
Deceide on some interesting wall paper to brighten up this small but comforta...
(Played: 16,090)
My New Room
My New Room
Invite your close friends over this coming weekend for a room makeover. Its g...
(Played: 24,021)
Modern Room Makeover
Modern Room Makeover
Do you have a clue on how a modern room should look like? Check out this gam...
(Played: 12,524)

Fun Games

The Knocker
The Knocker
Your work for a company called Puncho Muncho UFO Inc. Use your UFO to demolis...
(Played: 5,614)
California Gold Rush
California Gold Rush
Explore this lucrative trade with mines full of unexpected twists! Search for...
(Played: 10,857)
You have a dangerous mission to accomplish which is going to be really tough ...
(Played: 20,110)
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