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Cake & Dessert Games

Tutti Cuti's Cupcake Company
Tutti Cuti's Cupcake Company
Work as hard as you can to earn all the cash in one day or make just enough t...
(Played: 46,622)
Love Chef
Love Chef
Make a nice meal to that special someone. You will also need to decorate the ...
(Played: 45,604)
Cake Lover
Cake Lover
Cake lover is a cake shop simulation game where you have to prepare and serve...
(Played: 73,847)

Burger & Sandwich Games

Zombie Burger
Zombie Burger
You are not really a typical burger chef- all of your customers dwell in the ...
(Played: 54,224)
Burger Mania
Burger Mania
Swap places between 2 ingredients to form at least a row or column of 3 simil...
(Played: 66,602)
Busy Burger
Busy Burger
Work in a burger bar and serve food and drinks to customers before they get m...
(Played: 53,841)

Ice Cream Games

Frost Bite
Frost Bite
This is a cute game. Have fun moving and jumping around with your Grappling ...
(Played: 39,065)
Tiny Tinas Ice Bream Sundae Rush!
Tiny Tinas Ice Bream Sundae Rush!
You'll be given an empty ice cream dish. Soon, orders wil begin coming in. ...
(Played: 50,000)
Frost Bite 2
Frost Bite 2
Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your character around or to make him jump....
(Played: 29,255)

Pizza Games

Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack
Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack
Sometimes alliens will invade your delivery van and turn your bread into mons...
(Played: 56,245)
Abatti's Pizza
Abatti's Pizza
Orders with demanding instructions is given with each phone call. This store...
(Played: 20,882)
Pizza Shop
Pizza Shop
Make mouth-watering pizzas in a given amount of time. The number of pizzas wi...
(Played: 54,251)

BBQ Games

Take the meat out of the box and place it on the grill to let it sizzle. Don'...
(Played: 36,002)
BBQ Hero 2
BBQ Hero 2
Being the grill master of your family picnic, you have to make sure your fami...
(Played: 27,523)
Fish Fry
Fish Fry
You are a new owner to a small fast food stall by the sea. Prepare and grill ...
(Played: 32,828)

Cooking & Food Games

Food Mahjong
Food Mahjong
Select food tiles that are unblocked from each other to make them disappear. ...
(Played: 28,711)
Salad Day
Salad Day
Make some yummy looking salad for your guests! You'll have to slice the veget...
(Played: 14,437)
Hunger Strike
Hunger Strike
It must be that time in the afternoon where you can hear your stomach ramblin...
(Played: 5,294)

Restaurant & Food Serving Games

Sushi Go Round
Sushi Go Round
Serve your customers some sushi by mixing the correct ingredients and then pl...
(Played: 12,627)
Colorful Juices
Colorful Juices
Make some colorful fruity juices for customers that comes to your store. You ...
(Played: 36,911)
Village Bistro
Village Bistro
Regulate an entire family by giving them instructions on the food serving pro...
(Played: 17,035)

Dress Up Games

One Piece Dress Up
One Piece Dress Up
Lazy to mix and match? Maybe you should put on a dress that could compliment ...
(Played: 31,787)
Fashion Designer: New York
Fashion Designer: New York
Imagine that you are a fashion diva. After your success at the Paris Fashi...
(Played: 71,921)
Aurora's Long Sleeves Collection
Aurora's Long Sleeves Collection
Thinking of going out during this hot summer? Maybe you should put on a fash...
(Played: 29,210)

Makeover & Makeup Games

Radical New Look
Radical New Look
Find out how you could make this sweet young thing into the ideal girl next d...
(Played: 13,285)
Shining Star Makeover
Shining Star Makeover
This sure looks like the road to being a glamorous looking super star. Powder...
(Played: 14,528)
Indefinite Love
Indefinite Love
Give mum a nice make over to help her look her best today as it is her weddin...
(Played: 13,704)

Doll Games

Leo Doll
Leo Doll
She is very much a materialistic and ambitious young lady and wants to live l...
(Played: 9,223)
Water Fairy
Water Fairy
She lives by the river and is often spoted wearing long flowing or colorful d...
(Played: 10,343)
Taurus Doll
Taurus Doll
Judging from her appearance, you can tell that she can be very calm and gentl...
(Played: 8,307)

Decor Games

Rose's Print Shop
Rose's Print Shop
You could make your own Posters, Stickers, Greeting Cards or even Calendar. T...
(Played: 20,827)
Blue Room
Blue Room
If you love the color blue than I think you should try out this game. Enjoy!
(Played: 13,670)
Refreshing Room Makeover
Refreshing Room Makeover
Deceide on some interesting wall paper to brighten up this small but comforta...
(Played: 16,274)

Fun Games

Monsters Vs Aliens Tower Defence
Monsters Vs Aliens Tower Defence
It's a monsters vs aliens show down. Stop the aliens from getting to the othe...
(Played: 6,111)
Wake Up The Box
Wake Up The Box
Mr sleepy-headed box needs a little help in waking him up. Attach the wooden ...
(Played: 20,032)
Find the Statue
Find the Statue
Do you think that you have a sharp witnessing power? Then, this wonderful gam...
(Played: 1,792)
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