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Cake & Dessert Games

Cake Castle
Cake Castle
Get delicious looking cakes, cookies and donuts into their respective vans th...
(Played: 142,923)
For Him
For Him
Have you ever thought of baking a gorgeous cake for that very special person....
(Played: 113,601)
How To Make Strawberry Shortcake
How To Make Strawberry Shortcake
Tempted to sink your teeth into this piece of yummy looking dessert? You can ...
(Played: 62,240)

Burger & Sandwich Games

Oscar Mayer: Deli.Creations Game
Oscar Mayer: Deli.Creations Game
Orders are flooding in from demanding customers all over your neibourhood. Yo...
(Played: 35,189)
Burger Man
Burger Man
Grab them all up and avoid those evil clowns at all cost unless when you get ...
(Played: 36,384)
Burger Island
Burger Island
Today is your first day at work. Follow the instructions of the senior chief....
(Played: 110,199)

Ice Cream Games

Cute-Shop-Series: Ice Cream Run
Cute-Shop-Series: Ice Cream Run
This games allows you to be your own boss by managing your store. Earn as muc...
(Played: 34,640)
Beach Ice Dream
Beach Ice Dream
Prepare ice cream within a given time and reach a minimium of 85+ accuracy in...
(Played: 36,156)
Tiny Tinas Ice Bream Sundae Rush!
Tiny Tinas Ice Bream Sundae Rush!
You'll be given an empty ice cream dish. Soon, orders wil begin coming in. ...
(Played: 50,021)

Pizza Games

Pizza Tossing
Pizza Tossing
You are a delivery boy who could ride a bike real fast and also very quick an...
(Played: 13,634)
Papa's Pizzaria
Papa's Pizzaria
Roy has to help run the pizzeria while Papa Louie is away. Help him take orde...
(Played: 203,590)
Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack
Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack
Sometimes alliens will invade your delivery van and turn your bread into mons...
(Played: 56,516)

BBQ Games

It's not easy to handle the eating house all by yourself. Take your time to ...
(Played: 53,830)
Meat Grilling Game
Meat Grilling Game
Your hungry little child is craving for some grilled meat for lunch today. St...
(Played: 38,124)
BBQ Hero
BBQ Hero
This is your chance to be your family's grill master. They will let you know ...
(Played: 36,987)

Cooking & Food Games

Passion Food
Passion Food
Time to cook up a romantic meal in the your kitchen. Light up the fire, prepa...
(Played: 18,653)
Cooking Show: Breadrolls
Cooking Show: Breadrolls
Follow the instructions and arrows. They will lead you through the game. Have...
(Played: 29,145)
Salad Day
Salad Day
Make some yummy looking salad for your guests! You'll have to slice the veget...
(Played: 14,447)

Restaurant & Food Serving Games

H.K. Cafe
H.K. Cafe
In this game, you played a chef from Hong Kong. Your job is to cook the food ...
(Played: 22,362)
Mickey's Crazy Lounge
Mickey's Crazy Lounge
Keeping customers happy and at the same time, manage a Cabaret has always bee...
(Played: 17,692)
Sushi Oishi
Sushi Oishi
You played the sushi cheif that is serving over the counter. You have to be f...
(Played: 14,626)

Dress Up Games

Aurora's Long Sleeves Collection
Aurora's Long Sleeves Collection
Thinking of going out during this hot summer? Maybe you should put on a fash...
(Played: 29,241)
Fun Shopping Moments
Fun Shopping Moments
This young lady is going shopping with her trendy best friend to get some win...
(Played: 32,822)
Heart Felt Dress Up
Heart Felt Dress Up
Dion is meeting up with that gorgeous boy next dor. Dress her up and transfor...
(Played: 40,788)

Makeover & Makeup Games

Dreadlock Makeover
Dreadlock Makeover
Try it out if you are a fan of dreadlocks. It takes some time to do this setu...
(Played: 8,527)
Tina's New Image
Tina's New Image
Create a trendy new look for her. She looks really sweet in long hair. Try i...
(Played: 10,354)
Sophisticated Sophie
Sophisticated Sophie
Choose from a few cool looking sunglases to further enhance her image. Try it...
(Played: 9,472)

Doll Games

Sky Princess
Sky Princess
With all the flying, she is really tired and taking a shot break. Put on some...
(Played: 10,709)
Libra Doll
Libra Doll
With her fruitful imagination and intellectual capacity, she will successfull...
(Played: 8,019)
Aries Doll
Aries Doll
She is a born leader. Always first in the line to get things done. Wow, and s...
(Played: 13,180)

Decor Games

My New Room 2
My New Room 2
Its time to show your best pal how greatful you're for their help. Invite th...
(Played: 24,305)
Halloween House Decor
Halloween House Decor
Mum have given you the permission to decorate the house for this weekend Hall...
(Played: 10,307)
My New Room
My New Room
Invite your close friends over this coming weekend for a room makeover. Its g...
(Played: 24,342)

Fun Games

Bloons Supermonkey
Bloons Supermonkey
Take it to the skies with Supermonkey! Pop Bloons and get power ups to pop ev...
(Played: 15,616)
Bloons Tower Defense 4
Bloons Tower Defense 4
Pop those Bloons with your arsenal of weapons. Upgrade them along the way to ...
(Played: 22,423)
Face Attack
Face Attack
There will be 6 faces on each round. Just pick the odd one out to progress.
(Played: 5,079)
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