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Most Popular

  1. Big Bob's Burger Joint Game (399634 times)
  2. Cake Factory (323603 times)
  3. Papa's Burgeria (273485 times)
  4. Spongebob Squarepants: Flip or Flop (217154 times)
  5. MacDonald's Video Game (206309 times)
  6. Papa's Pizzaria (204718 times)
  7. Match Burger (193665 times)
  8. Cake Creations (173964 times)
  9. Avril Crump's Muffin Madness (164726 times)
  10. Burger Chef (149011 times)


  1. Goodgame Cafe (61969 times)
  2. Spring Rolls (16659 times)
  3. Bloons Tower Defense 4 (23881 times)
  4. Cake Swap (55088 times)
  5. Papa's Burgeria (273485 times)
  6. Feed The King (53550 times)
  7. Diner Chef (34986 times)
  8. Wallace & Gromit: Top Bun (15673 times)
  9. Cooking Hot Pepperoni Pizza (41294 times)
  10. Cool Juice Designer (26835 times)
  11. What's For Dinner? Second Serving (41126 times)
  12. What's For Dinner? (35118 times)
  13. Mushberry Treehouse (18178 times)
  14. Devilish Pet Salon (19609 times)
  15. Love Chef (47276 times)
  16. Kids Vs. Ice Cream (28250 times)
  17. Hot BBQ Party (42540 times)
  18. Devilish Hairdresser (81790 times)
  19. Cupcake Dressup (40581 times)
  20. Cookie Maker (63899 times)

Top Players

  1. simqa (7004 plays)
  2. your (5388 plays)
  3. pokemonmon123 (3697 plays)
  4. tru (2323 plays)
  5. caseybear15 (2297 plays)
  6. hiyori (2077 plays)
  7. moonymin (2015 plays)
  8. jocuri (1871 plays)
  9. lalala (1716 plays)
  10. gulyas1 (1617 plays)
  11. paninstar (1616 plays)
  12. Toshiro (1506 plays)
  13. love_basketball (1450 plays)
  14. NAYAB (1412 plays)
  15. BrennaBrady7 (1347 plays)
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Cake & Dessert Games

Cake Of Chaos
Cake Of Chaos
Put out the TNT by clicking on the fuses before it is too late. The longer yo...
(Played: 33,241)
Love Chef
Love Chef
Make a nice meal to that special someone. You will also need to decorate the ...
(Played: 47,276)
Glossy Cupcake
Glossy Cupcake
Children will surely love these yummy looking cupcakes for desserts. But, ple...
(Played: 85,104)

Burger & Sandwich Games

Big Bob's Burger Joint Game
Big Bob's Burger Joint Game
Could this be the ultimate burger game? Take it up to high gear in Big Bobs k...
(Played: 399,634)
Zombie Burger
Zombie Burger
You are not really a typical burger chef- all of your customers dwell in the ...
(Played: 55,388)
Gingerbread Factory
Gingerbread Factory
Make as many ginger breads as possible before the time runs out. Remember to ...
(Played: 42,968)

Ice Cream Games

Moshi Monsters Ice Cream Challenge
Moshi Monsters Ice Cream Challenge
Make ice-cream for your customers as fast as you can! Meet your daily target ...
(Played: 34,104)
The Apprentice: Dairy Queen
The Apprentice: Dairy Queen
Your duty entitle running a Dairy Queen and keeping your pool of customers co...
(Played: 55,858)
Tutti Cuti: The Ice Cream Parlour
Tutti Cuti: The Ice Cream Parlour
Cutis just love those yummy refreshments so much. Help out at the parlour in...
(Played: 68,603)

Pizza Games

Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack
Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack
Sometimes alliens will invade your delivery van and turn your bread into mons...
(Played: 61,624)
Abatti's Pizza
Abatti's Pizza
Orders with demanding instructions is given with each phone call. This store...
(Played: 21,324)
Pizza King
Pizza King
You are managing a family restaurant in charge of day to day operations. Cre...
(Played: 44,495)

BBQ Games

Hot BBQ Party
Hot BBQ Party
The sun's out and your grills sizzling. Keep them happy while having fun serv...
(Played: 42,540)
Hot Juicy Steak
Hot Juicy Steak
BBQ yourself some delicious looking steaks. Be careful not to over-cook them.
(Played: 28,907)
Hungry Halie
Hungry Halie
Halie have a mad cravings for hot dogs. You have to please her by being fast ...
(Played: 26,238)

Cooking & Food Games

Giant Sushi Slide
Giant Sushi Slide
Use the ARROW KEYS to move your character. Get to the other side to collect a...
(Played: 6,800)
Food Mahjong
Food Mahjong
Select food tiles that are unblocked from each other to make them disappear. ...
(Played: 29,942)
Teabag Fling
Teabag Fling
Fling each of your 3 teabags as far as possible. Tap on the LEFT and RIGHT AR...
(Played: 7,561)

Restaurant & Food Serving Games

Anna Glace
Anna Glace
Follow the green arrows for instructions which are clearly given in the boxes...
(Played: 26,969)
Guest Feast
Guest Feast
You have invited your relatives and friends to your home for a sumptuous dinn...
(Played: 23,149)
Soup Shop
Soup Shop
You are the owner of a famous soup shop somewhere in town where you will be a...
(Played: 30,508)

Dress Up Games

Heart Felt Dress Up
Heart Felt Dress Up
Dion is meeting up with that gorgeous boy next dor. Dress her up and transfor...
(Played: 41,077)
Fashion Designer: World Tour
Fashion Designer: World Tour
Head of to different destinations in search of a successful fashion designer ...
(Played: 75,840)
Fashion Designer: New York
Fashion Designer: New York
Imagine that you are a fashion diva. After your success at the Paris Fashi...
(Played: 72,494)

Makeover & Makeup Games

Anime Avatar Creator
Anime Avatar Creator
Make your very own special looking avatar. Lots of apparels, combination of h...
(Played: 32,857)
Tanned Radiance
Tanned Radiance
If you desire to have a nice tanned than you will enjoy this makeover. Try o...
(Played: 10,360)
Shining Star Makeover
Shining Star Makeover
This sure looks like the road to being a glamorous looking super star. Powder...
(Played: 15,107)

Doll Games

Pisces Doll
Pisces Doll
She is a kind hearted soul who can go beyond her means to help people in need...
(Played: 11,987)
Scorpio Doll
Scorpio Doll
By nature, she is able to devoter her whole being to anything which interest ...
(Played: 8,228)
Virgo Doll
Virgo Doll
Very much blessed with a sharp mind, it is easy for her to manipulate others....
(Played: 11,379)

Decor Games

Mizzi Dog Cafe
Mizzi Dog Cafe
Dogs are welcome in this newly opened cafe. Help the shop owner get things o...
(Played: 14,978)
Halloween House Decor
Halloween House Decor
Mum have given you the permission to decorate the house for this weekend Hall...
(Played: 10,708)
Refreshing Room Makeover
Refreshing Room Makeover
Deceide on some interesting wall paper to brighten up this small but comforta...
(Played: 16,598)

Fun Games

Devilish Pet Salon
Devilish Pet Salon
You need to mess up the angel's groomming sessions. Click on the pet when th...
(Played: 19,609)
Wake Up The Box
Wake Up The Box
Mr sleepy-headed box needs a little help in waking him up. Attach the wooden ...
(Played: 20,282)
Heart Swap
Heart Swap
Match the hearts by swapping them inorder to create 3 or more hearts of the s...
(Played: 8,046)
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